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Working Capital
Line of Credit

Running a successful business requires steady cash flow.

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Working Capital Line of Credit

A Working Capital or Revolving Line of Credit, is typically used to address short term issues due to a temporary shortage of cash.

Convenience of a flexible business line of credit:

  • Provides short-term working capital for your business
  • Secured and unsecured credit lines

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Commercial Real Estate Lending

This is a great program for investors who seek to hold properties for rental income, invest to renovate and flip or simply invest for future income opportunities.

Government Backed Lending

SBA 7(a) loans are designed to provide support for new and existing business operations with loan amounts up to $5 million, guaranteed 75% by the U.S.

The SBA 504 Loan Program provides long-term, fixed rate financing for major fixed assets, most often real estate, that promote business growth and job creation.

Accounts Receivable/Purchase Order Financing

unlock the value in your invoices

Unlock the working capital trapped in your Purchase Orders. When customers order from your business, they’re counting on you to deliver the goods on time.

Owner Occupied Real Estate Loans

Finance up to 85% Loan to Value at Fixed Rate for short or longer term with longer amortization schedules. Owners must occupy at least 50% of the property in most cases.

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    Alternative Funding Solutions

  • Undercapitalized
  • Start-ups with limited history
  • Rapid growth situations
  • Turnaround & Special Situations
Running a successful business requires steady cash flow. A Working Capital or Revolving Line of Credit, is typically used to address short term issues due to a temporary shortage of cash. It differs from a small business loan in that a small business loan is paid back over years at a set defined repayment terms whereas a business credit line is paid back after funds are drawn and typically interest-only payment options are available.
Low profitability is primarily a result of excessive operating costs, inadequate revenue, or, in most cases, a combination of both. Inefficient operating practices, which result in poor vehicle utilization, excessive fleet strength, and overstaffing, are common causes of excessive cost in developing countries.
A special situation is an unusual event that compels investors to buy a stock or other asset in the belief that its price will rise. The special situation by definition has little to do with the underlying fundamentals of the stock or any other rationale that investors ordinarily use to select investments.

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